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Among the many events of yesterday, Anonymous, a loose group of international activists declared a fullblown war upon the Government of Pakistan, and especially Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with a direct threat to the “safety and security of [his] family,” anonymous urges Nawaz Sharif to leave Pakistan immediately.

Albeit extremely basic, their website has a care package to help protestors counter tear gas and internet censorship, among other things. I have personally verified that Operation Pakistan is linked to Operation Ferguson because the OpPakistan website is an iframe pointing to the OpFerguson host just trust me.

I’ll keep adding updates to this list. Latest first:

  • Leaked: Transparency International Pakistan credentials
  • Leaked: Customer database for Center for International Strategic Studies
  • Even more websites
  • More websites knocked offline
  • Leaked: 23K Bank Records Of The Pakistan Government
  • Leaked: Federal Public Service Commission usernames, emails, and passwords
  • Multiple websites knocked offline
  • OpPakistan Engaged

Visit their website. Operation Pakistan video and press release:

Anonymous: #opPakistan from Amin Shah Gilani on Vimeo.

Anonymous Operation Pakistan - Press Release

Sunday - August 31, 2014 10:00 AM ET USA

Anonymous has watched in horror with the world as non-violent protesters from Palestine to Ferguson have been gassed, beaten, shot at and arrested this summer. And we have done everything in our power to intervene and protect them, and collect the evidence of the human rights violations perpetrated against them. But when protesters are killed; gunned down in the streets, and shelled with military grade mortars - Anonymous will, as it has in the past - remove that government from power.

We are cataloging the atrocities being committed in Pakistan. We will begin at once assisting the peaceful protesters in Pakistan with every tool and tactic at our disposal. And we will initiate the process of removing every vestige of the Pakistan government from the Internet and shutting down their communications network. And the Pakistani people will then remove this criminal regime from power and lock them in prison where they belong. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif you are hereby dismissed. You will leave power immediately. For the safety and security of your family we suggest that you depart Pakistan at once. This is your only warning.

As for the criminal security and military forces who have so barbarically attacked your own people in Pakistan, we will collect evidence of your crimes and deal with you in the time and manner of our choosing. You would do well to….well, you know - expect us. You will either answer to the justice of your people and the international community, or you will be the subject of the rage filled vengeance of Anonymous.

We Are Anonymous - We Are Everywhere - We Are Legion - We Do Not Forgive - We Do Not Forget…

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, it is to late to Expect Us.

Op Pakistan Website -

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