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The Story

My first Android, i got it as a 20th birthday present. Quite a decent phone, and visually much more appealing than the Samsung Galaxy Y. This won't be a comparison of the phones, this is just a post detailing the few caveats I experienced with my Explorer and how I fixed them.

The Awesomeness

Apart from the low-end trademark response lag, it's quite a decent phone. With an SD Card, it made my first generation iPod obsolete. Being Android, I spent the first hour syncing the phone up with my multiple email accounts, as well as turning it into my two-factor authentication key. The next few days playing around the Play Store, and enabling things like Swype. By the third day, I stayed noticing the small issues.

The Problems

Just one problem: ninety megs of internal disk space? Are you serious HTC?
Even with a 2 GB SD card, after updates and thirteen productivity enhancing & social networking apps, my emails would stop syncing and that wretched low memory error would drive me insane.

The Solution

There was a hard way to fix all the problems, and then there was an easy way. The hard was is to root your phone, install all the apps you'd need to move your Davik cache to an ext4 partition on the SD Card, and bla bla bla.. The easy way, was to find a ROM, where someone had done all the hard stuff, and just load it on your phone.

Obviously, I went with the easy way, meet Jaggyjags, the proud maintainer of JaggyRom. The ROM may be casually developed on a forum thread, and it may not be the best ROM out there, but it's one of the few ROM built specifically for the HTC Explorer at the moment, and I love it!

I flashed JaggyRom on my phone soon after I'd discovered it and apart from a few stability issues, which I'm sure will be fixed soon, I haven't been happier! Now, because it took me an hour or so to learn how to get here and because I realize most people are mere mortals and require everything served on a silver platter, I'll publish a how-to soon! Just my way of supporting this cool ROM!