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Sometimes don’t print my Two-Factor Authentication backup codes all the time. I’m either not near a printer, or I’m just being lazy. Although, finally, after being locked out of my account a bunch of times, I worked out a way to never let that happen again. Here’s what you need:

  • A Gmail account
  • A PGP Key — extra laziness points if it’s published on a keyserver

Got those? Perfect. Do this:

  1. Open and type in your key id, or email address.
  2. Paste in the codes
  3. To: youremailaddress+2FA$ where $service is your 2FA provider. example:
  4. Send!
  5. That’s it!

Now if you never need your codes, just search for in your gmail and voila. The lazy man’s secure backup. Remember, this is a backup of your codes, not the primary method to be storing your codes. This is no replacement for a good old fashioned printout! What do you think you’ll do if you lose access to your Gmail?

This works because Gmail ignores anything after the + sign after your username. You can send an email to and the email will always show up in your inbox.

Freebie: When signing up for dodgy websites, use as your email address. That way if they leak your email address to spammers, you can simply set a filter to direct all mail to that email address into your Spam.