Amin Shah Gilani
Amin Shah Gilani



A superhero, full-stack developer, reader, writer, foodie, and a Sunday-guitar-player; all in that order. I write what I like, but sometimes not, and any opinions I express are always my own. I can successfully speak two languages, I hate spinach, and I like my steak medium-well.

Things I've done

Been featured in the news:


  • Nazdeeq
  • Payload Technologies — defunct
  • Treebark — defunct

Won two hackathons:

  1. Coinbase Bithack v2 - An International Blockchain Hackathon
  2. Throwathon: A national hackathon in LUMS sponsored by Netsol and Throw


  • Scruffy: a continuous internet quality watchdog, built to log outages on my old terrible PTCL DSL internet
  • ChronoPill: a do-it-yourself Apple AirPort Time Capsule, for continuous backups over WiFi, running on a Raspberry Pi.

Written technical content on publications with millions of readers:


  • HTML5 — Haml — ERB
  • Responsive (Mobile First)
  • CSS3 (Sass)
  • CSS Frameworks (Semantic UI, Bootstrap, Bulma)
  • Javascript/ES6 (Design Patterns, Testes)
  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • Webpack
  • Git — GitHub — GitLab
  • Ruby & Ruby on Rails
  • Postgresql
  • PostgreSQL — MongoDB
  • CI/CD
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Bitcoin
  • And lots more, check out my resume.

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